It began with an idea...
Books, websites, information... all of them are written by college graduates for college graduates.
simple is smart,
“If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter.” (Pascal)

Information written for lower-income or lower-literacy audiences are simplified...and so are boring, and not really informative at all. To make something simple, yet interesting is a very different way to provide much needed information to an audience eager for information.
a pregnancy partnership,
The authors of What To Expect When You're Expecting often received requests for book donations from programs that helped low--income women. But that book is very dense, and very middle class... there were no interesting books about pregnancy written specifically for this audience. Thus the birth of The What To Expect Foundation in order to create...
a beautiful book,
Baby Basics addresses the real concerns of lower income expecting women (and men) in a simple, funny and beautiful way, without ever condescending, or lecturing.
750,000 women learning,
Simply put, handing a book to a pregnant woman was missing all the great ways written information, joyful reading and learning can change lives. Thus the birth of the Baby Basics Program... where health care providers learn to teach women why reading and learning about pregnancy and their body is fun, instead of just lecturing them on "what to do."
and around the world
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton formed the Office of Global Women's Issues. That team already knew that women's literacy changes lives of women, children and families. They wanted to take Baby Basics global as part of their Women's Health Innovation Program.
pregnancy in Liberia
Big Belly Business is a comprehensive pregnancy guide for this West African country and part of a group pregnancy support and learning program that has reached 50,000 women and is growing.
and in Bangladesh
Babu Barta (which means Baby News) is also making meaningful changes in the story of pregnancy across Bangladesh.
inspires us.
And now, a publishing company that creates books, programs and partnerships on a variety of topics for lower-income folks will help this neglected audience get the real information - entertaining, engaging and simply put.
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