Baby Basics Background

Baby Basics was created in 2005 with and for lower-income expecting families. While many parents were really eager to get a book they felt was written "just for me" from their doctor, home visitor or healthcare plan, others, who did not enjoy school or reading and were not in the habit of looking for written information, didn't even open the book - unless someone did it for or with them.  And then they too were delighted to find stories they could relate to, and answers to questions - some they didn't even know they had.   


Thus began a 15-year journey, working with communities to help everyone who provided services to expecting families build genuine relationships with parents, using books to spark conversation and joyful learning experiences.  As you may know, we sold 750,000 copies of the book in English, Spanish or Chinese to non-profits and government agencies across the country. These organizations received training and curriculum that helped integrate the books into their existing programs. Many of these programs now include the Baby Basics program in their annual budget.  There are pdf links to both the Case Western University Evaluation of the Cleveland Program the New York State Health Foundation Report - two of the many evaluations of the program. But, if you take a few minutes to watch this video of the Moms First Program (The Cleveland Health Departments'  Healthy Start Program) these women evaluate the book and program better than any report could ever do.