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Non-fiction books and other media on parenting, health and general how-to in a variety of languages for a neglected, underserved market. 

simply put programming

We partner with non-profits to help them use our books and media to change the paradigm -  from "telling parents what to do" to creating Engaged Learning Experiences   

simply put distribution

Our books will be available at great discounts for non-profits.  Special state versions are also available.


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"Improving mothers’ literacy skills may be the best way to boost children’s achievement.


A mother’s skills is the greatest determinant of her children’s future academic

success, outweighing other factors, such as neighborhood and family income:”

National Institute of Child Development

books and programs 

want to end inequality? start here.

We will help lower-income parents get the information and support they need

to figure out what they want for themselves and their children. We will create 

opportunities for parents together to build knowledge, skills and social support

they need to achieve their goals and make change for themselves and their


"Good companies will meet needs; great companies will create markets.”


Philip Kotler

We believe there is a neglected market for books and adult learning experiences.  

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