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Every parent is eager for information about supporting their children during times of stress or uncertainty.   Yet too many families – especially those living in poverty or with limited English language skills -- are unlikely to find even a mention of their most pressing worries in commercial parenting media.  

simply put is a 501(c)3 social impact nonprofit that leads the creation, publication, distribution and programming of relevant and vibrant parenting books and media - all created with and for families from traditionally marginalized communities who are eager to see their strengths and experiences reflected and their burning questions addressed.

Our nationally (and internationally) tested "Workshop Model" changes who creates information; what cultures, languages and families are represented; where it is distributed; and how it is used. 


Every simply put Project begins with a simply written, but-never-simplistic  book, that combines art, narrative and evidence-based information to tackle families' authentic health, legal, economic, emotional and educational concerns. From these books spring video, online media and programming for parents that inspire "Engaged Learning Experiences" through reading, creating, and conversation.  


Too often, the bullet-pointed directives in doctor's  fact sheets, school websites or parenting self-help apps offer how-to "fix" advice - implying that if only marginalized parents and children would take personal responsibility for their actions -   by "making better choices, ""working harder," "being more determined," "acculturating faster"- they too could live the American Dream.  


simply put is committed to reflecting the real experiences and strengths of underserved families AND connecting the dots between systemic inequities, cultural bias and personal experiences. This approach tempers the latest in scientific research with compassion, cultural wisdom, and support from the perspective and in the authentic voices of these too long neglected audiences.

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